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Jammify is a music platform that makes it possible to create music with everyone from all over the world.

Jammify founder Chris Kroon (1991) studied Game Design and Media Management at the Amsterdam Media College. The idea behind Jammify was born from the necessity musician and tech talent Chris felt. Making music is one of his greatest passions, but Chris could not always find the right band at the right place. His technical background inspired him to create an entire online social platform where musicians and music fans can get in touch with each other and create music online together.


People who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are mostly the people who do change the world

- Steve Jobs

Together with Dennis the Vulder and Roel Wijte it took Chris 24 months to build his dream platform; Jammify. The young and passionate team created the world’s first online platform where people can create music together without social, topographical or financial boundaries. Jammify literally stands for 'plug & play'. Without fuss or technical knowledge music can be recorded in the browser of a computer. Music can be easily shared with fellow musicians and fans and can also be distributed online via Jammify partner iMusicianDigital.

Jammify offers a transparent and honest business model. The recorded music is free to download in .mp3 format or it can be uploaded directly to SoundCloud. If multiple people record a session, all participants are the proportionate owner of the rights of the song. When music is sold through the distribution channels of iMusicianDigital, 90% (and width some packages even 100%) of the proceeds will go to the beneficiaries.

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